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Personalised Whisky - Single Malt

There’s nothing more satisfying than putting your feet up and pouring yourself a dram of whisky, be it blended or single malt, to relax after a hectic day. And there aren’t many things in life that complement a good cigar like the smooth fiery flavour of a good single malt scotch whisky. From its earliest days, whisky has been famous for its healing assets and nowadays, it’s relished by people all over the world.

A charmer of the saints and suffering sinners, whisky is a cultural icon. The exact origins of this tipple are unclear and appear lost in the haze of time; however, most people believe the Celts – that includes the Scots, Irish, Cornish and Welsh – were the catalysts behind the creation of the world famous snifter.

The Celts, as far back as 800 BC, knew a thing or two about distilling grains. Despite not having the climate to grow the more delicate grapevines that are often used today, this didn’t stop them. These folks used cereals such as barley and rye, which grew like a dream in the northern European climate. Against all odds – viola – these clever peeps managed to create this wonderful brew!

The Celts supposed their homemade whisky was a gift from their gods. They shared the belief that it brought the dead to life and warmed the heart of even the coldest ghost or ghoul. In Celtic, the word for “whisky” is “uisge beatha” which simply means “the water of life”.

Made from barley, single malt whisky is a popular choice amongst today’s drinkers and old-timers who’ve enjoyed the tipple for years; there’s no denying the staying power of single malt whiskies.

We have some very off-the-beaten-track whisky gift ideas available, worthy of even the most pernickety connoisseur. Our single malt whisky gifts can be personalised with ANY NAME, a PERSONAL MESSAGE and a significant year to make your gift especially unusual.

There are shed-loads of personalised whisky bottles to choose from in a variety of styles that would be perfect for anyone who loves a wee dram or two. Each of our bespoke bottle labels are tailored just for you. Amongst our range of luxury designs, you’ll find ones fitting for Father’s Day, birthdays, weddings, retirements, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and even thank-you bottle labels. But our bestie has to be the officially-licensed Coronation Street label, which was designed with whisky-loving Corrie fans in mind.

Treat a faithful whisky drinker to something a little different today; present them with the “water of life” in the form of personalised whisky gifts.