Bamforth Gifts

Famous for his suggestive postcards featuring bosomy woman displaying their cleavage, hen-pecked husbands and naughty words, James Bamforth was well-known for his cheeky British humour, which he indulged in the creation of his infamous Bamforth seaside postcards. They still raise smiles today and are ingrained in our British history as much as musicals, railways, wildlife and Carry On films.

Are you – or is someone you know – a reminiscing Bamforth buff? Yes? Great. We’ve put together a plethora of personalised saucy postcard gifts featuring hilarious, exaggerated cartoon images and naughty words packed with sexual innuendos from the much-admired Bamforth Vintage Collection –they’re guaranteed to give you – or them – a giggle or two! But first, here’s a bit of blurb on the Bamforth brand...

A bit of Bamforth blurb

Hark back to the end of the nineteenth century... to a time of fuzzy black and white staccato images. That’s right. Old-time television. Sure, Hollywood was the hub of cinematography. But you also need to take into account Holmfirth. Holmfirth? Yep, a small town based in West Yorkshire. Bamforth & Co Ltd of Holmfirth (founded in 1870 by James Bamforth) and Riley Bros. of Bradford produced a myriad of films to rival anything that Hollywood was then producing – in terms of both quality and quantity. They were a force to be reckoned with.

Some years later, it all ended. Bamforth & Co Ltd had another brainwave. They decided to throw their creative skills into the production of postcards, which they’d been producing since the 1880’s. And boom! By the 1930’s, the phenomenon of Bamforth’s saucy seaside postcards was born.

During the First World War, it became a trend for wives to send Bamforth postcards to their husbands who were away fighting in the war. Bamforth & Co Ltd produced saucy postcards right up until they officially closed down in 1990, and the brand is now owned by the Leeds based company Fresh Faces. GoneDigging brings you Bamforth postcard gifts with a personal touch...

As well as offering a nostalgic throw back to the cheeky, bawdy Bamforth humour and the seaside holidays of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, our saucy postcards Bamforth gifts range – of which includes calendars, mugs, postcards and more – can be personalised with ANY NAME and in some cases your own special MESSAGE.

The iconic images depicted on our personalised saucy mugs, calendars and so on, show hilarious images of everything from politics to toilet humour to bedroom antics, with their focus on lustful men, large bottoms and big bosoms, which is so quintessentially “Bamforth”!

For an entire year of naughtiness, opt for one of personalised saucy calendars, which are adorned with funny scenes of voluptuous ladies and gawping guys, and plentiful in terms of naughty words and double entendres. Enjoy a cuppa in a personalised saucy postcard mug or send silly, saucy greetings to your favourite fan with our personalised saucy postcards.