Commemorative & Birthday Newspapers

Commemorative newspapers make a fabulous birthday or anniversary gift, because they bring to life a special date in the past with the news reported on that particular day. This gives our commemorative newspapers a special meaning for the recipient, as it will enable them to relive important dates in their life. We reproduce these commemorative newspapers and bind them into elegant, handmade books with a leatherette cover.

Our personalised Commemorative Newspaper Books are individually made for the recipient, created by our team of experienced craftsmen. Each book is virtually unique, as it is made to order for someone’s special date.

We offer our Commemorative Newspapers in a range of book editions, for different special occasions.

Birthday Newspapers

Celebrate a birthday by giving someone a birthday newspaper bound in one of our leatherette book covers. We offer two styles of books with birthday newspapers:

Year Edition

This holds a reproduction of a birthday newspaper from the recipient’s birth date, together with major news reports from that same year.

This is Your Life Edition

This is a very special book, containing a newspaper reproduced for the same date every ten years. You can celebrate a birthday with a book of birthday newspapers from every decade of someone’s life, with a choice of between 3 to 10 newspapers in this edition.

All our books containing birthday newspapers, can be further personalised with the name of the recipient, together with a short message, printed onto a certificate on the title page. The recipient’s name can also be gold embossed on the front cover.

Anniversary Newspapers

Our anniversary newspaper book is a memorable anniversary gift. This beautifully bound hardback book holds three complete newspaper recreations; an anniversary newspaper from the date of the wedding, and a newspaper from both partners birthdates. This anniversary newspaper can be personalised to create a very special reminder of a wedding day, to celebrate an anniversary – a perfect gift idea.