Personalised Coffee

The ultimate indulgence for coffee lovers everywhere!

Each stylish silver coffee caddy is personalised with Any Name and Message on the label, and contains 227g premium ground coffee. With three chic designs to choose from, these coffee gifts are guaranteed to look glamorous in any coffee lover’s kitchen.

Personalised Coffee Tins & Hampers

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to stimulate the brain cells, wouldn’t you agree? Our personalised coffee gifts are all about cosy evenings spent enjoying specialist coffee – the ultimate gift for all those coffee fans you know and love. But where did the potent bean derive from? Read on and you’ll find out...

A bit about coffee

According to popular belief, coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, West Africa. Kaldi, a local goat herder, was watching his flock as usual when he noticed his goats were acting peculiarly playful and unusually euphoric.

Kaldi later found out the goats had been eating bright red berries from a random shrub he’d never noticed before. Curiosity got the better of Kaldi, so he ate some of the berries and found they gave him renewed energy and attentiveness.

This was a miracle! News of this amazing, energy-giving fruit spread fast throughout Africa. Even Monks tried it, and noticing its powerful, stimulating effect, they distributed it to other monasteries, near and far. Sadly, the berries didn’t survive these long journeys, however, the monks later learnt that all they needed to do was dry out the berries and they’d endure the long trips to lands afar.

On arrival at their destination, the monks put the dried berries in water, ate the fruit, and drank the liquid. They came to the conclusion that drinking the beverage and fruit gave them even more energy, and allowed them to pray for longer.

From then on, coffee berries became a big hit. Transported from Ethiopia to the Arabian Peninsula, the coffee berries were first grown in what is today the country of Yemen. Next, coffee found its way to Turkey where it was roasted for the first time over open fires. The roasted beans were crushed, and then boiled in water, becoming a basic version of the beverage we know and love today.

Coffee houses spread fast throughout Europe during the early 17th century and turned into centres for intellectual exchange and commerce. And BOOM. Coffee – the vital beverage enjoyed by the majority of the world today – was born!

These days, coffee is grown across the globe. Whether it’s the islands of the Pacific or the Caribbean, in South America, Africa or Asia, all can trace their heritage to the trees in the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau.

Personalised coffee gifts

Know someone who drinks coffee like it’s water? Treat the ‘bucket of mud’ fan in your life to one of our personalised coffee gift. (And we’ll admit it; a lot of coffee was consumed throughout the design process!).

Our personalised coffee caddy sets are the perfect indulgence for any lover of the world-famous beverage. Why not treat yourself or someone you know to a cup brewed by your own fair hand from your very own ‘brand’?

These personalised coffee tins come complete with a customised label – yup, that’s a label created by you featuring your favourite coffee lover’s name plus your own personal message.

Inside your coffee tin, you’ll find 227g of Suma Sumatra Ground coffee. Darker roasted, his is a very smooth, full bodied coffee with great character and depth of flavour. A Fairly traded, organic coffee to be enjoyed not just at breakfast time, but at any time of day!

So even once they’ve used up all the coffee, they can refill their stylish tin with more! And the coffee tins will remain a treasured keepsake for unlimited years since – as with all our gifts – it has their name on it.

Guaranteed to look glam in any coffee lover’s kitchen, these luxury coffee gift ideas come in three sumptuous label designs so coffee lovers everywhere can keep their ‘daily energy’ fresh in style.

Our coffee lovers gifts will please anyone who enjoys a “cup o’ joe”!