Personalised Calendars & Diaries

See your chosen name integrated into our name-in-image range of personalised calendars and diaries, read about historic events each month in our newspaper calendars from your selected year or remember the best players from your football club’s history in our range of football diaries and calendars.

Save up to £5 on our Selection of Calendars & Diaries

Personalised Calendars and Diaries for 2013/2014

Calendar and Diary Gifts

We have a great range of calendars and diaries, all of which can all be personalised. The ability to personalise these calendars and diaries make them perfect gifts, as they ca be tailored to the recipient – making your present a more personal gift offering.

Name-in-Image Calendars and Diaries

Each picture in our calendars can be personalised with the name of the recipient cleverly integrated into each image, to create a stunning personalised calendar gift.

The Calendars start from any month you choose. You can select the first month of your calendar to start from the next month in the year, or from the month of your choice, like the month of a birthday or anniversary. Alternatively, you can simply choose a 2010 calendar that runs for the full calendar year.

These personalised Name-in Image Calendars come in four different formats, to suit all needs. All formats will integrate the recipient’s name into each image of the calendar, and feature the name on the front cover. Beyond that, each calendar format offers varying levels of personalisation.

A3 Large Calendars (approx. 42 x 30cm) - £19.99

  • select 20 important dates to be printed on your personalised calendar. We will print the birthdays, anniversaries, or other key dates you select on the relevant date in the calendar.
  • Add a personal message onto the front cover, to make your present still more personalised to the recipient.

A4 Calendars ( approx. 30 x 21cm) - £14.99

  • Recipient name and a personal message can be added to the A4 Name-in-Image Calendar front cover.

A5 Calendars (approx 21x 15cm) - £9.99

  • The recipient name can be added to the front cover of this calendar gift.

Desktop Calendars (approx 29 x 10cm) - £12.99

  • Designed to put on surfaces, like on desks or mantle pieces.
  • Recipient name and a personal message can be added to the Desktop Calendar front cover.

We also offer the Name-in- Image concept as a diary. Each month in the dairy has an image which is personalised with any name of your choice integrated into the picture, to create a personalised diary. A year to view spread is also provided which shows all of the Name-in Image pictures featured in the diary. These personalised dairies are can be further personalised by:

  • the recipient’s name being integrated into the image on the front cover
  • the recipient’s name and a greeting printed on the title page of the diary.

Personalised Football ‘Newspaper Headline’ Calendars

Available for over 55 football clubs. On each month of the personalised football calendar we feature a newspaper report from one of your club’s key games, so you can relive the rich history of your club over the last 100 years or so.

In the Liverpool Football Calendar for example, there are match reports of Bill Shankley’s Liverpool becoming League Champions in 1973, Bob Paisley’s team close to an 11th league title win in 1979, and Dalglish’s side winning the title again in 1988. This Liverpool Football Calendar also includes Liverpool’s fifth European triumph in 2005, and the FA Cup Final triumph against West Ham in 2006.

The name of the recipient will be printed on the front page of the calendar. You can choose any month you like as the start date of your personalised calendar.

Personalised Football Diaries

A personalised football diary is the perfect present for a football fan, and is available for over 55 top football clubs. Each moth of the Diary will feature a newspaper report for one of the club’s top games as reported in the newspapers at the time.