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Discover our imaginative range of personalised birthday gifts.

We're constantly digging up new birthday gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift. Our birthday gifts are personalised because we believe this makes your present extra special.

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Viewing 1 - 74 of 74 gifts

Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas

At GoneDigging, we have a fantastic range of personalised birthday gifts. There is something to choose for any milestone birthday, whether you are searching for a 30th birthday gift idea or looking for birthday presents for someone turning sixty or even a hundred years old.

What's more, because you can personalise your Birthday gift, it will always be one of a kind and shows the recipient the extra thought and effort that you have invested in choosing their birthday present. Many of our products are individually crafted, and make unique Birthday gifts. Our range can work for any age depending on the personality of the recipient, so we have birthday gift ideas ranging from the nostalgic to the fun.

Please take some time to browse through our range of birthday gifts. We hope that you will find some birthday gift ideas that are exactly what you are looking for. We have highlighted, below, some birthday gift suggestions which have proved very popular with our customers;

Unusual Birthday Gifts

Want to set yourself apart from the rest in terms of birthday presents? Want to get off the beaten track? Unusual gifts always create an everlasting impression on the recipient’s mind. In honour of all things innovative and original, we’ve arranged a superb selection of unusual birthday gifts to help you find something a bit different from the norm. We have everything from personalised retro jars and pamper hampers to original newspapers and coffee drinkers’ gift sets. We even have chav or chavette packs, filled with everything needed to ignite someone’s true ‘chavness’ – unbelievably unusual birthday ideas! Don’t go for run of the mill birthday gifts this year; opt for personalised birthday gifts instead. By personalising a present with his or her name or a personal message, your birthday gift will be original, personal and unforgettable. Shop for unusual birthday presents right here!

30th Birthday Gifts

Spoof Newspapers: Give someone their 15 minutes of fame in the headlines of a national newspaper. They can be the star of a front or back (sports) page of a spoof Daily Mirror newspaper. Select one of our headline stories, and personalise it with their details and upload their photo, to make it a unique 30th birthday gift they will remember. This birthday present is available as a wrap spread, in a presentation case, in a frame, integrated in a book of Mirror Newspaper headlines, or simply as a single printed sheet.

40th Birthday Gifts

Team Football History Books: This is the most popular product in our whole range, and would make a great 40th Birthday gift. These books are a history of the football team of your choice (over 50 clubs from which to choose), told through newspaper headlines and stories. It is a nostalgic perspective on the history of your club, through newspaper reports written at the time. The book is Tabloid size, which gives it huge impact.

It can also be personalised to the recipient to make an even more special 40th birthday gift. You can have the recipient's name printed on the certificate label on the title page, together with a personal message. There is also an option to have the front cover of the book 'Gold Embossed' with the recipient's name. This is a great birthday present for a football fan.

50th Birthday Gifts

Original Newspapers: Consider an original newspaper, from the date of your choice, as your 50th birthday gift. This can be fascinating for the recipient as it will show what was in the headlines when they were born. It can be made a still more personal birthday gift, through personalising the Certificate of Authenticity with the recipient's name and a greeting. All our newspapers are genuine (not copies) from our large archive on newspapers going back over 200 years.

60th Birthday Gifts

This is Your Life Book; For this important milestone, a 'This is your Life Book' can be the perfect 60th birthday gift idea. This book contains a Mirror newspaper reproduction from the same date every ten years, so you can celebrate someone's 60th birthday with a newspaper from every decade of their life. You can choose from between 3 to 10 Mirrow newspapers. A 'This is your Life' gift is also available using Original Newspapers, which can also make a superb 60th birthday gift. Both options can be personalised to the recipient, a birthday present the recipient will always remember.

Other milestone birthday gifts

We supply a wide range of very special birthday gifts. We have provided personalised birthday gifts for kids and the mature. The oldest person that we supplied a gift for was a man celebrating his 110th birthday.

For what ever milestone, we are sure that we will have personalised birthday gifts that will be just right for the occasion. We could suggest the following;

Other gifts that have proved popular include Personalised Calendars, Gift Experiences, as well as more unusual gifts like 'Name a Rose' or 'Buy an Acre of the Moon'.